Setup quest system to detect if objective is done before activating quest

Hi , so I am working with a quest system , and trying to make it so if I accidently do a quest objective before I run into the quest giver and activate it , then it will complete the quest if the objective is already done. In this case it is killing a bear. So in the first pic (regular quest setup) , I put this code on the bear bp and I can get quest from NPC and kill the bear and it will work correct and complete it. So in the second pic (altered quest setup), I add some code between , to check if the quest is active , if true , then check if it is destroyed ( the bear), “IsDestroyed” Boolean and branch, and if true then end quest. But with this code added It will not even complete the quest normally if I get it from the quest giver , thus activating it , then go kill the bear. It will not even complete the quest like in the first pic does. Ultimately I am trying to make it so if I kill the bear first before meeting the quest giver, then it will complete the quest right when I am done talking to him , since the bear is already destroyed. Any help? Thanx

Hey there, can you please also add screenshots of the functions you’ve created such as “Is Quest Active?” and “End Quest”.

By the looks of the screenshots you have provided, it looks like your casting to the player controller and trying to run the function from the player controller bp. But the booleans for the quest are stored on the bear BP. Are they also stored on the player? I need more information.

I think the code in both cases should be the same, because the bear is destroyed.

But you do need code in the quest giver, to check which quest is next.

Presumably that’s already there?..