Setup Perforce for UE4, Beginners Guide for setting up a team


I’ve been working in the UE4 and now i’m ready to share my work with other team members, like the mapper and other artists so that we can have a true collaboration setup. I am a subscriber and the team members I add will also become monthly subscribers, I understand that.

However, I want to take the existing UE4 project put it on a Perforce Server and give my mapper access to the latest version of the game as he works on the level. When he checks in the level, I want to receive it. Everything sounds simple to do, but the setup seems daunting.

  1. I want to use the Perforce 20 license free program
  2. My team members are remote, so should I setup a server locally or do a DigitalOcean/Cloudforge kind of setup to avoid dynamic IP issues?
  3. If I have compiled the project with the Engine C++ from github, do I need to host all 32+Gigs on the Server

Its all very confusing and the documentation is very high level thus far. Again, I’m just looking for a targeted Perforce/UE4 Integration Setup guide.

Thanks for any help.!

Check this tread. I looking to test it today …

After lots of work and rework. I have solution that seems to be working.

Currently, I used Digital Ocean for cloud hosting for my Perforce server.

If you refer to this webpage, its what I used to setup my server using their support guides.

It wasn’t too hard to setup and easy enough for anyone to setup. Hope it helps others.

The best guide out there. HE even has an auto installer.

Yeah, that’s hands down the best, still worked about 2 months ago when I set mine up.