[Setup.bat] would you like to overwite your changes?


Setup.bat -include=HTML5 -exclude=vs2
012 -include=Android
Checking dependencies (excluding Mac, vs2012, Linux)…
The following file(s) have been modified:
Would you like to overwrite your changes (y/n)? n
Updating dependencies: 16% (358/8090), 388.8/2437.6 MiB | 0.25 MiB/s, 14.3 MiB



I don’t think it is clear what the line;
“Would you like to overwrite your changes (y/n)?”
does exactly…

Is it asking me to save the new dependencies configuration for later reference(when I run setup.bat again…)???

shouldn’t the prompt be more like a “Save/Cancel” thing?



Hey dimpolz-

When you run Setup.bat it will download the necessary dependencies for the engine and make sure they’re setup correctly (saved in the correct locations, etc). When you run Setup again it will check for any of those files that have been updated/modified. So the prompt of overwriting changes is making sure you want to accept the changes to those files in the locations they’re saved in.


Why does --force not work on setup.bat, despite being listed in the help?

Hey ,

Could you post a link to where are you seeing --force in relation to Setup.bat? The ReadMe on GitHub does not mention “force” and I’m not sure where in the documentation this would be.

Hi ,

There doesn’t seem to be an explicit docs page for Setup.bat, but as you can see above, -include and -exclude are both functional because it passes the params to GitDependencies.exe.

Similarly, if you call Setup.bat --help, you get the parameters from GitDependencies. include and exclude seem to work, but force doesn’t.

So it seems like the intention was for Setup to support the GitDependencies parameters, because you call:

.\Engine\Binaries\DotNET\GitDependencies.exe --prompt %*

If that’s not the case, perhaps removing the %* would erase any confusion. We’re building UE using continuous integration, so we needed to bypass Setup.bat on the build server.


Hi ,

I responded to your other post, but wanted to add the information here as well for anyone that happens to be looking here. I have entered a ticket to find out why Setup.bat does not pass the --force parameter to GitDependencies.exe (UE-20238).