Setup.bat helper


I made a small program to make it easy to the Bat fiels you get when downloading the source code, It runs the setup.bat and generateprogectfiles for you.


I wanted to make someting i am a noob at programming. .

I will keep updating this if people want to help i put on github.
I have uploaded every thing to github becouse i dont know what to upload.

It is easy to use all you need to do, First select with packages you want.
Then select the paht where you have extracted the Zip from github.
and just run it.

There is a problem with android it always keeps showing in the setup.bat.
So i need to figur that out.

What i wanted to do is make the bat file hidden and runn it in the backround, And have 2 progress bars tell
you how far it is with downloading. The only problem is i dont know how to. This is my first program.

Please give feedback if there any problems or if i missed something.

I am sorry for my english

Nice. But generateprogectfiles has many other useful keys.

I am quite busy but i am gowing to intergrate that. i need to look true the source of UE4 so i can finde the fetures.