Setup.bat barely downloads any files

I’m trying to build UE from github, and here’s what’s happening:
I clone the package. The download speed is fine, everything works great. No problem.
Then, when I try to run setup.bat, it will start updating dependencies. It will get to a decent speed within a few seconds, and usually, within a few more seconds, it will nosedive to 0.00 mbps, and will stay there.
If I let it sit for an hour or two, it may pick up and start downloading again, but again, with these short bursts and nosedives.
It usually took me less than 30 minutes to go through this process of updating dependencies. Now, if I’m lacky at all, it may take several hours.
Again, my internet connection seems fine. Everything works great, except for this.

  1. Is this a known issue of any kind? If so, how to resolve it?
  2. Is there any way to bypass the setup.bat and do it by hand somehow? Is there a workaround?