Setup.bat always fails

Just went to github/unrealengine downloaded a zip file of 4.19.1 latest.

When running Setup.bat, it fails.
Checking dependencies (excluding Mac, Android, Linux)…
Updating dependencies: 0% (1/8), 0.1/8.3 MiB | 0.01 MiB/s…
Failed to download ‘’: Can’t read from pack stream (CorruptPackFileException)
Press any key to continue . . .

This occured with 4.19, and 4.18.

The error message does not lend itself well to solving the issue. “CorruptPackFileException” I get that. But it seems to download it in a corrupt state every time. Can we get this fixed? Its kind of a blocking issue.


got the same problem

Same problem here. Really annoying.

me too, and is there any fix? i need this to work urgently