Settings up Android SDK?

I’m trying to set up the Android SDK to develop a Cardboard VR game in Unreal, but even after following the steps in the quick start guide, I still get a message saying I’m missing stuff (with a link to that guide). I was hoping to get some help setting up for Android development. Thank you!

Hey Ethandale!

What is the error exactly (can you copy or give us a screenshot)?


Please attach screenshot of Project Settings -> Android SDK.

Sorry that I didn’t respond to this earlier, but I managed to figure it out! I was trying to use the very basic SDK that I was using for Unity. I didn’t realize I needed the whole NVidia codeworks thing. I now have Ant, JDK, NDK, and SDK working properly, and I can build to my phone. :slight_smile: Now I just need to figure out Steelseries Stratus XL compatibility issues, but that’s a whole other thread. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Thank you for offering though!