Settings for Blender 2.75 .FBX exporter

Hello there, and sorry if it’s a duplicate.

I’ve been searching for an answer to this but everything i found is related to prior versions…

I’ve been trying to export an skeletal mesh from Blender for a couple days now and even if the hacks proposed in the post bellow have proper fixes in the 2.75 i’m still getting strange errors when importing in UE4.

The main problem being the Physical Asset. It wont generate it on its own, no matter the settings i use to export, saying that the bones are too small to create it. Also, if i create the physical asset manually, the shapes used won’t scale down to the right size, being too big to be simulated properly.

Anyone facing the same problem?

ok it sounds like you have a size scale issue, once you have imported your mesh create a level or use the templete level to compare the size of your mesh against others supplied by epic, i always compare against the maniquin figure

you can also see the size in the skeletal mesh veiwer (persona) main window “aprrox size”

depending on how you model/export from blender you may need to “untick” the Apply Units box in the fbx exporter

That’s exactly the problem. If it’s telling you the bone size is too small, your scaling is the problem. Even if you export your model and bones at 100 ( in the fbx export window) and bring it into unreal at 100. The bones will still be too small. The only way I have found that works ( as I had the same issue) is scale your model and armature to 100. Be sure to apply the scale, rotation thing. Ctl A, if I remember right. Export it as normal. Should come into unreal exactly right. The only issue with this is if you have any animations, they will not scale correctly. All mess up and look horrible. I had the same issue with the bone size and did it this way. But I had already done a few animations. But creating a physics asset (as you said ) is a pain in the ***. It’s either that or reanimate.

This works perfectly:

PS: ran into a problem with Blender 2.74 with morph anims. Will try later with 2.72