Settings for 2D Side scroller

Hello. I would ask you about in game setting. In 3D games we can set View Distance, Shadows, Post Processing etc. But what is worth to set for 2D Side Scroller? I mean, what I can put in setting menu? And which settings i should set to minimum for better performance?

Hello Shajro,

Are you looking to make a 2D game or a 2 1/2D game? If you plan to make a 2D game, then you’ll be using an Orthographic camera in which View Distance won’t be taken into account. Shadows and Post Processing however are still useful for a 2D game so you would treat those as you normally would.

I’m looking for 2D game from 2D Sidescroller example, and there is ortho camera, as You said. So which options should I give player to adjust in options menu without audio (Resolution, Screen mode, PostProcess, Shadows, V-Sync, Effects)?

In theory it’d always be best to give as many options as possible, but there are times where a certain effect is needed in your game for it to be visually functional. If given the option to disable this effect, it may detriment the player. It will be based off what your end product is and what type of style you go with.