Setting Yourself Up For Success: The Business & Legal Side of Game Development - Apr 30 @ 2PM ET

So you’ve built or are building your game in Unreal Engine 4 and are greatly looking forward to release. Now what? Epic’s General Counsel Canon Pence and VP of Business Affairs Jay Wilbur join the stream to talk about the business and legal side of making games.

Come find out about licensing, learn how to avoid potential pitfalls, and gain knowledge that will help put you and your game on the path to success. Looking to crowdfund? Curious about IP ownership? Questions about working with publishers or third-party content? Getting ready to release and not sure what’s next? Here’s your chance to get answers to all of the tough questions surrounding the less alluring parts of building games. Oh, and wear a suit!


Thursday, April. 30 @ 2PM ET - Countdown]


Chance Ivey - Community Manager - @anonymous_user_c5ad40d01](://twitter/iveytron)
Canon Pence - General Councel
Jay Wilbur - VP Business Affairs

If you’ve got questions for our guests, let’s hear em!

Edit: The YouTube archive is available here](?v=pbbAPq6vEiA)


This will be a great topic! Now I just need to find a plaid suit! =)

This topic is one that I never really thought would be covered in the live stream, but very glad you’re taking it on!
When it comes to IP, copyright and trademarks, especially other companies, there is a very narrow line to follow. The old saying, “Better to ask forgiveness, the seek permission”, does not work in this world, especially when you want to release your own product.
Our current project is completely focused in a major companies IP, and have worked with them on getting their approval, what can and can’t be done and what would be next on the roadmap when it is completed. After we started talking, they were glad we approached them instead of trying to go the forgiveness route, which never worked out for others. Of course, approval may not happen for a vast majority of ideas, it did work out for us.
This is going to be a fun stream to watch.

Hey Tkfore21, important question - “Why aren’t you at your post?”

This is an excellent topic for discussion, which I would highly suggest that all developers, no matter which engine you support, tune in to watch.


As a request, is there, or can there be, a discussion on both national and international laws concerning the aforementioned topic?

I’m never at my post…

Go Boy Wonder!

Looking forward to this stream. Any chance this will cover use and application of trademarks or general branding in the game business? submitting content to the USPTO can be pretty challenging and i wonder if it may not always be necessary.

Can you wear a suit and pose like this during the stream?

Ironing my belt right now (that’s how this works, right?)

How do I EULA?

! This is going to be very helpful for a lot of people.

Although some questions mentioned will be covered in some way, want to post some general questions for the stream to make sure they are covered in some way:
(some questions may sound simple & they are, best way to cover a wide range of scenarios without getting into too specific of a topic)
(please cover any International laws & how they effect these questions as best they can be explained)


  1. Copyright - Correct way to Display a Copyright as to protect a Game or other Asset (When & How)(Please Cover Displaying Copyrights in UE4)
  2. Public Domain - Use of this License as well as other Licenses commonly used by like CCO etc. (some are Vague especially Public Domain)
  3. At what point should one declare themselves an actual Business & what type of Businesses are best for Indie Developers, and how this applies to Individuals & Small Teams.
  4. How all this applies to Taxes (US & International)
  5. How to handle all of this if a Business fails or declines later on.

** Hope the question above about Eula is covered in detail and advise on what & where to display **

*** These might seem like simple questions that may or may not be covered, they are intended to be that way. ***

*** How & when should we hire You (Guests) & when, do you work for peanuts or small percentage of Game Income? :slight_smile: ***

Hope to make it to this stream, very important Topic

What would be better for a very small independent developer, self publish or go with a publisher?

Thank you

You have to EULA hoop!


Looking forward to this stream! :slight_smile:

Pretty interesting topic. :slight_smile:

+1 for this question. Especially here in Europe the “tax-topic” is pretty important.

Hi! Do you have a document you can refer us to so that indie(s) can model as a partner to grow with you? Like, “We wish more indie developers could create a company like XYZZY?” I’m looking for a case study to attempt to emulate. Thanks! --Todd

For politicians yeah, the rest of us find the “avoiding-tax-topic” a bit more important :wink:

Good topic! Looking forward to it. Question: what are the options for indie developers if someone else is using your content(IP)?

nice. cant wait. 5 hours to go.

Too bad I missed it! I’ll wait for the recorded stream to be uploaded.