Setting World BG as a transparent window


I was wondering if anyone can help me out in setting the background of the game as a transparent window.

I’ve adjusted the SkySphere to only show a constant color and am now what I need is to be able to make the pixels that display it transparent.

Right now, I’m fiddling with WindowsWindow.cpp, forcing the Definition of the window to support transparency and then adjusting the SetOpacity function to the following:

SetLayeredWindowAttributes(HWnd, crKey, bAlpha, LWA_COLORKEY);


crKey is 0x000000FF
bAlpha is a low value number like 5 (just so its not 0 since we don't want the click to go through the window)

This is not producing any results.
Also tried with the LWA_ALPHA flag but that changes the opacity in the entire window instead of just a section defined by color.

Anyone has any ideas?

Thank you in advance