Setting waypoints for AI per actor

I have an enemy character that I place multiple times in a level.
Also I have some waypoints in the level and every enemy patrols all waypoints.
What I want is that I can set which enemy patrols which waypoints.

One solution would be to add a list of waypoints to the character blueprint.
But this is not really the right place for such data as it is only needed by the AI, and the player also can control those characters.
The right place would be in the AI controller I guess, but I dont have access to AIController instances when I place the enemies in the editor.

What would be the right way to achieve what I want?


Ideally there should be an option to expose variables from the Pawn / Character on the Spawn AI From Class node. That way you could keep the waypoints in the level blue print and pass them through to the AI instance when it spawns.

You could hack it, by spawning the AI from class, then immediately call a function in that AI where you can pass through waypoints. It’s janky, but it should work.