Setting volume of soundclasses

Hey guys,

I’m trying to implement a mute music/sfx toggle in my options menu and pause menu.

Currently I have this done in a really really hacky way. I’m wondering how to do this with sound classes, if I add all my SFX sound cues to the SFX SoundClass how can I set the volume of the SoundClass as a whole so all sounds set to that SoundClass inherit it’s volume?

I can’t find any obvious way to do this… I’m sure I’m just overlooking something though. Any help is appreciated!

EDIT: I ended up doing it a slightly less hacky way with SoundMixes, one with 0 volume and one with 1 volume, and just push/pop accordingly. Still wondering how I would do it if I wanted something like an audio slider.

Sound classes have properties including volume, pitch etc.

So indeed the best way to do it is to make all your SFX sounds part of the SFX sound class, then change this class properties (say, from blueprints).

You could even use SoundMix as presets for your different game state (“ingame”, “pause”, “options screen”, etc.) and push/pop them accordingly from blueprints - you’d just have to reference the proper sound classes and volume properties in each Soundmix.

The documentation on this is quite extensive, as are the game examples.