Setting Variable working/not working randomly!

I know its Murphy’s Law with programming, and a can of worms, and all that good stuff. But there’s a point where literally setting a variable (arguably the easiest task possible) isn’t even working and that is the point where I start to absolutely loathe programming.

I’m just trying to set a boolean to true after pressing a button. Everything is hooked up properly, and everything after the set node executes fine. The compiler is randomly deciding to skip all the set nodes in the chain.

Heres the kicker: I have an instance where I press left mouse to start an attack combo system and it f****** works and sets some variables properly!

I have a picture to show exactly what I’m talking about.

I hate having to come here for something like this…
if anyone has encountered this or knows whats causing this, your input would be invaluable.

Breakpoint everything, step through and inspect the variables in question. If you break at the “Set JumpZVelocity” node and find that “Stop Movement” is not set to true then I would certainly be at a loss.

That the thing I basically did. When you run them through a print string it that execution chain activates it. I guess it has to cause like I said everything after executes fine. The when you hook the variable up to a print and event tick. It just stays false. Its so strange cause I have it set back to false at the end of the chain and THAT works. Its just these middle variables that arent getting set…

i just did a breakpoint and the debug is claiming its being set to true so I dont see what the problem is here.

GOT IT. I had the variables being changed back at the end of the chain and there was no delay between setting it and setting it back so it was instant, less than 1 frame. You have to go through some sort of delay or timeline before you reset a variable.