Setting variable in Animation Blueprint

So I am trying to set a bool in my animation blueprint, but I am stumped to how do I actually set it. In my C++ code I have a OnSprintStart() and OnSprintEnd() functions, but im wondering is how do I make the animation blueprint set my variable (isRunning) to true and false based on those functions, or whatever input the user is pressing? Here’s what it looks like.

Thanks Everyone!


Do that in your character bp and then cast it to the animbp :slight_smile: With the casted variable you can now set the one in the anim bp to true or false

Im a little confused on how to cast it to the Anim BP I tried looking for the cast function but nothing?

Here is how it works:

green = character bp + character bp variable in the anim bp
blue = new created variable in the anim bp


You can get the cast from the try get pawn owner node :slight_smile:

Im only getting Cast to Player Controller, is there something I have to add in my C++ code to get it casting for the Character?

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You have to drag out the wire from “try get pawn owner” -> after that search for it in the search bar :slight_smile: