Setting Up Visual Studio for Unreal Engine

Why is there no documentation on how to properly set up for and debug a C++ game project (DebugGame Editor build target) from Visual Studio? The Debugger section on the link page has nothing, nor AFAIK the “Legacy” page mentioned there.

You just attach-to-process the editor before it loads your built plugin, and you can debug your plugin … what’s needed to set up?

Hi James. Do I remember you from the defunct C4 game engine forums?

Yeah, I actually prefer building the DebugGame Editor configuration and with the game project not running just Start New Instance. But the Attach To Process is a good alternate method.

But my point to the docs team was that, especially for newcomers who aren’t necessarily all that C++ development environment savvy, it would not take all that much effort to describe these two methods and what you have to do for them to work correctly. Even if they only covered Windows/Visual Studio, that should be hitting the vast majority of the people who might come to the docs seeking that info.

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Well, I’m not “james” but I did hang out on the C4 forums as well. Game engine internals were a passion of mine for a while, and knowing how many different implementations do their thing has been quite helpful!

I end up using RelWithDebInfo as the target, because I’m too impatient for Debug performance overhead :slight_smile: The problem with “start from the debugger” is that I might have to shut down the entire editor each time I add some new code. However, if I keep two copies of Visual Studio open – one for the editor/engine, and one for the “plugin” that contains my game – then I can see how that would work out alright!

I agree that all of this could use an “onboarding” type document – as it is, there aren’t any “greased chutes” to follow, I have to rely on my own knowledge of how things are “supposed” to work to get there. Also, the UnrealBuildTool docs are … underwhelming. But I hear they’re working on that, so, good!