Setting up UE4 with TFS

Hi all,

I know that I may just be sent to the Windows forums for this, but the likelihood of running into someone with this specific experience is dramatically increased here.

I am trying to create a repo in TFS (I like Git Hub, but it’s not private without a membership, so instead I opted to do Git with Microsoft). I have set up my repo just fine, and added the asset files to .gitignore (*.uasset, *.umap). However, when I try to publish, it reads all files (which are like… 10,000 because I added every asset under the sun) then fails after Deltafying files for some time. I looked around, and was unable to find a guide for something like this. Does anyone know if I am just missing a step?


Why don’t you consider using Github with Visual Studio Team Services Online? Its got free private repo’s with unlimited storage… It also works with Git-LFS too! I’ve used it quite a bit and it works great…