Setting Up Tower Defense AI Pathfinding

Hi everyone,

I’m beginning my first serious solo dev project working in a tower defense style game. I currently have a custom moveTo Behavior Tree task set up from a tutorial but I wanted to expand on it by allowing enemies to choose different paths to a goal however I have no experience with AI movement more advanced than simply moving toward a location. Does anyone have any good resources to share or tutorials that talk about working with the AI/NavMesh volume in Blueprints (I haven’t made the jump to learning C++ yet). Or if you have an example that would be great as well. I’ve attached my map idea and current BT task blueprint to show what I have going on.

Have a look at this I’ve used it in a few projects and it works well essentially you are using a target point actors to set a path and your Ai will follow. This is the last video he has 3 more I believe on ai all very good