Setting up the network relevancy distance

Hi everyone, I’m following the official Blueprint Networking tutorial from Youtube, and im a little bit disconcerted about how actually they set up the distance that one event becames relevant to the client, in the tutorial is just said that there is a blue ring around the event that inside it things became relevant to the client, but im not sure how it works, maybe is just a collider, or I dont know, maybe there is some other option more correct for this network issues. Thank you for read me and im awaitting some help please :wink:

think of it an artificial sphere, the blue ring is probably created just to visualize it’s range and how things could react when in/out of relevancy range.(so nope, the blue ring probably isn’t something you can just toggle and see it)
You can think of it as a sphere shaped trigger volume.

Yeah, I guess that is just a trigger volume, but how its said in the blueprint, that only must be replicated variables and functions when the character is inside this trigger volume?, maybe there is some specific method for do that? Thanks for the reply :wink:

I found it! There is an inherited variable inside the replication category that manage this distance. The variable is called NetCullDistanceSquared!

So you can’t change this from the editor?

This is a pretty dead post. Better to make a fresh post with your question, Then revive this dead one. Also to answer your question, Yes you should be able to set that in the editor.