Setting up the Blueprint correctly. need your knowledge

I want to make a simple SoundCue play when i press Q & stop when i release Q

Here is what i’ve set up so far:

**1.**Im creating a new “BlueprintClass”: Actor called "energypulse"


**2.I paste the SoundCue to the Blueprint Components


3.Here i set up the function

4.In the blueprint editor i create a new function “Play Sound E” to get access of the whole function in the ThirdPersonCharacter_BPlater.
I somehow needed to connect the blueprint “energypulse” with the function “Play Sound E”
This i managed with just drag and drop the blueprint from the content browser into the blueprint.
It created the “Add Child Actor Component”

5.Here i opened up theThirdPersonCharacter_BP
To get access of my set up Blueprint before, i connect the function"Play Sound E" with “Event BeginPlay”
[sadly i coulnt connect the first function anymore…]**

After all this, its not working.
Does anyone know, what i have to do to make it work?

It’s a very convoluted way to do this. I think what’s missing is you need to spawn an energy pulse in the third person character. That might work.

A much easier way is, in the character:

To get Q working, make sure you have:


Dude. This works like a charm!!!

thanks so much. i love it the easy way!!!