Setting Up Teams - Need Help With Gameplay Tags

Gameplay Tags seem like an extremely useful feature for all kinds of parameters, but I’m unable to get the functionality I’m looking for.

Here’s the basic rundown.

I created a Gameplay Tag for teams: Team.None, Team.Defenders, and Team.Attackers.

Currently I have the default ThirdPersonCharacter assigned to Defenders by default.

I have another actor, playing the part of a hostile damage aura, which I want to continuously deal damage to anything tagged as Defenders, but ignore Attackers and None.

To achieve this, I’m using a For Each Loop on a 1 second looping timer. I can easily get this hostile aura to damage things, but when I try to filter for specific gameplay tags in order to make it only damage Defenders, it does not appear to be working.

Though even if it was working, I would still have a potential problem, because it is likely that the team of Defenders will consist of multiple different classes of actors, not just ThirdPersonCharacter. Will I have to search for each class individually?