Setting up Teams [NEED HELP] [Let's make a tutorial]

Hello all.

I’m trying to set up a team mechanic. But can’t figure it out right now. I have went trough a lot of tutorials, but can’t find what I need. So it means these topic would be helpful to other guys, who are new to UE4.
Mostly all Team tutorials are for FPS, but I need more like MMORPG faction style.

  1. No Lobby. Need to assign to team in my menu or something. So basically they assign to faction, and then they join game.
  2. After choosing a team / faction, player spawn in their team territory (probably need to use some kind of spawn point).
  3. Players can’t hurt their team mates.
  4. Player respawn at his base.

I know that in most of tutorials, they use Player Controllers and Game Modes to make these work. As I’m using one of Marketplace Game kits, I need to improvise from what is in there. Dev has made inside kite respawn, damage, kill in Components, so I need to start from here.
So what is my best option? Make a save file, so system understands in what team player play, or use tags or different method?

Anyone is willing to help with ideas, how to make these work?
Thank you.