Setting up teams for the game?

Can I make a team deathmatch game with blueprints? If not, can you tell me how this is done in C++. However, my project is in blueprints so I have to blend them together I guess.

Yea, you can do this in blueprints.
For teams, you may need to use two arrays, and use for each loops to manipulate the actors.

Is there any tutorial about this?

This post is a little old, but some implementation examples would be nice. Such as outing putting together the array of players and giving them their own team pawns.

I’m still searching for this answer as well there is a video out there that is a bit more in depth on classes and teams to build on. A simple on join assigned a player team id would be spiffy.

A work around I’m toying with is spawning all player as a spectator with assigned Id and then while in spectator a umg to change this and start button to spawn them with team attributes such as skin color etc.

I the order code is loaded when joining a multiplayer map is what I’m missing to put it togeather.

Main menu - local
Server browser or console to join ip
Then map loads
??? Game mode->game state->player state-> world blue prints??

Any blueprint example would be nice.