Setting up substance painter exports faster

Hi guys,

** Im using UE5 early access 2 at the moment. Im painting some meshes with 12-15 texture sets on. When i export from substance painter i choose the Ouput template “Unreal engine 4 (packed)” which is the one to use. When i import the textures into UE5 i then have to link the nodes up for each material manually. IS there no automatic material setup that will link Base Color, Normal and mixed AO for me? Obviously i would use Substance Live Link however that doesn’t allow you to paint using the UDIM format in UE4 and currently there is no live link for UE5.**

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Solved ****

I found a plug in called instant material creation. Paid £12.99 for it, worth the money if you ask me, however now I can’t find "editor utility (blutility) in my editor preferences, experimental, tools… Where do I enable blutility in 4.26 or 4.27?

Does anyone know