Setting up Shift + W for running animation ...

Hi everyone.
As I am sure you all noticed the default third person character template have an idle and running animation in its animation / state machine setup.
There is a walking animation but if you press W on keyboard he goes from idle stand to running.
In games its usually the case of W is for walking and then when you press Shift + W then your character starts running.
Just wondering how I would set this up in the state machine + anim BP.
Can anyone give me a few pointers?
Thank you.

I am in 4.13.1

Ok, just to clarify, most games I’ve played running is the default state and it requires a toggle to walk/sprint (unless you are using a controller which in most cases you walk by putting less force of the thumb stick)
All of this is done within the ThridPerson Character Blueprint (unless you are doing this within a controller, I’ll assume not) and some tweaking to the Speed Float within the Anim BP your character is using.

Might be hard to make it out the animation transitions, just keep an eye on the debug messages to the left

You might also wan’t to run this Custom Event off of begin play as a extra sanity check, although redundant in most cases

I believe when extending the functionality of the BP classes provided by Epic you should really be going to it’s parent class and adding the proper checks via c++, also an Enumeration would be better than having to check through Booleans, but for the sake of simplicity here ya go

Did this using Enumerators

A lot easier to work with!

p.s I don’t use networking so I don’t know if I really need to replicate those variables

I like your enum style.
I’ve started to use enums to their potential and it’s great!!

Sorry, if you know how I could improve on it? That was my first attempt at using Enums, as you can see from my first post my first solution was messy and isn’t easily manageable and I recall and have seen Enums being used so I thought, why not haha; spent the better part of 2 hours going through my source code making use of these, really convenient :smiley:

Looks good to me, sometimes the simple solution is the best.

I like your style. Enumerators would make things easier to play with, going to have to incorporate that idea into my character now. :wink:

Great big thank you everyone.
That is really great :cool: