Setting up Perforce with Digital Ocean to host my UE4 depot?

I am talking to all my tech support available to help resolve this issue!!!

My goal is to set up a perforce depot on my digital ocean server for my team to work with and start play testing.

I have a couple of issues

First my perforce will not connect to my to my digital ocean server/ this is something I am trying to resolve with perforce tech support.

The other issue I am running into is if I set it up to my localhost I can connect my perforce, yet UE4 Crashes when trying to enable my run with source.
It no longer crashes when I open the set up instead it crashes when trying to set up a connection with perforce.
Also the Workspace I create doesn’t show up in the workspace field.
this leads me to believe that either perforce is not telling UE4 where the workstation is
or UE4 can not find the workstation and that is why it crashes.

Please help this isn’t the first time I have had to ask this question, no answer was ever really given yet it was still marked as answered.
I understand that having an unanswered post looks bad for support but what is truly worse saying its answered and it not be or actually investing your time to help resolve the issue.
You are not the only ones trying to fix this every second I can I am reading documentation and watching tutorials and researching for answers on the web.

Being a Game Engine you know the amount of work it takes to CREATE a Dream, and you are a team of Hundreds

I am an Indie developer who is creating a game all alone so you can image how much making my time count matters.

If I can invest my time to look for answers.
Please don’t let me down!
I picked UE4 because of Epics Passion and its dedication to giving people like me the ability to bring my imagination to life, so I can accomplish my DREAM!!!

So Please support techsand community please help this lone man help reach his dream, and if I have naswer to a problem you maybe working I will help you reach yours.

Hey XxDANitxX,

We have a known issue with crashes when connecting to source control. Could you give us the callstack from the crash reporter, and the crash log/dmp file? This thread explains how to get them. With those, I can find out for sure if your crash is the same as the one I mentioned.

Thanks for the quick response. Sadly enough I am currently at work and not able to get it quite yet. As soon as I am home i will get all of those reports for you.

Thanks Mate

Hi Jonathan:

The First time this happened I was not using a version built from source code, I was ussing V4.3 and also tested on V 4.4 and 4.6

Now I am using a version I built from source code

Her is my Computer information:

My Computer spec:

Windows 7 os ; 16 gb ram ; 1 tb memory ; Intel i7 quad core processor ; Geforce GTX 560M and intel(R) HD graphics 3000 ; Intel is using DX 10.1 Nividea using DX 11

	( I am using the Nividea GP for UE4)

I uninstalled perforce right now I will do a basic installation to a local host.

I may not be able to get you a lg or dmp file unitll I re-install to make sure I get you all the most up to date info.

I can at this time give you a closer Idea of what I have seen while working on this problem.

It runs fine when it is not trying to connect with Perforce.
It isn’t until it try’s to connect to a workstation that it crashes.
Leads me to believe the communication between UE4 and Perforce are having issues with one another I am also trying to make sure I am installing properly I have followed the UE4 tutorial in connecting with source control.

Now I am trying to set up a server to run source control off of.

Jonathan I would really appreciate a link to tell me how to upload the dump and crash files. I am having issues attaching a txt file to my post. I am going into work for the day and will do a quick install of Perforce when I get home and get a new dump and log file for you.

Thanks Mate,
Dan Murray

Hi Jonathan here are the Dump files and the log files you requested. I am going to continue to try ant look for what is triggering this issue if i find a way for it to work I will definitely let you all know.

Thanks Mate
Dan Murray
link text
link text

Hey, that’s almost everything, I just need one more log.

When the editor crashes, the Crash Reporter window pops up. I need the callstack from that window.

XxDANitxX, are you still having this issue?

I have stopped working on it for the time being. I have uninstalled perforce for the time being. I though I was about to have a team for my current project but they all fell threw at the current time so I ended up not needing to have it all set up right now. I have switched my attention to continue working on my game for now.

Thank you Jonathan,

When I return to this issue you will be the first to know. Thank you for your time!