Setting up military weapons dark

So I got the Military Weapons Dark asset and I have no idea how to set up the animations, equipping and ammo pickups.

It’s just a bunch of static meshes, animations, sounds, and special effects. They probably didn’t put it all together so that you’d have more versatility in what you do with them. It’s a well made pack and imo doesn’t deserve the bad review you left it, especially given that it’s free. If you’re looking into putting it all together and giving it functionality in your game, you might want to look into some beginner tutorials. Here’s a good start: Animation How To's | Unreal Engine Documentation

Thank you I was looking for something like this! Although if something does go wrong may I ask you again for any help?

Sure no problem

Ok so I’m in the 2nd part of creating the aim offset and in step 2 it shows an image of what the window should look like with a parameter table but when I open the aim offset for the mannequin skeleton I get a slightly different table

It’s possible that they changed the animation offset editor layout a bit since that tutorial was released. You should be able to find what you need if you fiddle around with the options and settings.

Sorry but the tutorial is seriously outdated nothing works exactly as it used to, I’m following a different one right now, but is there a tutorial on using the ammo pickups in the asset pack?