Setting up LODies so the dither / cross dissolve rather than just flick on and off ...


Anyone knows of documentation or a tutorial that shows how to set up LODies on static meshes so they dither / cross dissolve / fade into each other for a more smooth
transition rather then just flick to the next one and you see the twitching?
I looked around but couldn’t find anything on it.
I know there is a “proper way” to set that up.
Thank you!

just enable ‘Dithered LOD Transition’ in your material

O.k. thanks for the answer. I think there is more you have to do then just flick a switch. I heard about it in a stream and when the question was asked they didn’t say how to do it and they said there is “proper” way to do it.
To me that sounds like there is something else you have to do :slight_smile:

it really is just flicking a switch. try it, you’ll see it

O.k. thanks will test it.
Thanks for the answer :slight_smile: