Setting up Intro widget then transition into main menu screen.

I setup a widget that has 2 images. Powered by UE4 logo screen, my company logo screen.

When I start my game the powered by UE4 logo screen will appear for 3 seconds, then my company logo screen will appear for 3 seconds, then it loads my main menu.

The problem I am having is when it loads my main menu I have to click on my main menu background in order to click on my buttons.

What does work: If I just have my game start with my main menu already showing my mouse works normally and I can click on my buttons without having to first click the main menu.

Just don’t understand why my mouse would work correctly if I just start my main menu rather than not working if I first show 2 images.

Here is my BP setup.

It works if I add a Set Show MOuse Cursor right after Event Begin Play, but I don’t want the mouse cursor to be seen during the 2 opening images.

Fixed it with a IsValid node