setting up I clone characters with changeable clotting

Hi , I had ben working on a game in unity, but I saw a report about unity changing there pricing model in 2024 and that crossed a line for me.
unless they backtrack the new changes will not be financially stable for me. so i an now taking a serious look at unreal but I have questions.

I had set up outfit changes for my protagonist in unity fallowing these steps

  • export the base character (nude)
  • expert the clothing ( with out characters body, but it would have the skeleton)
  • then in unity using a provided script, I would replace the skeleton of the clothing with the skeleton of the base (so they have the same skeleton)
  • thus allowing several different outfits to be “equipped”

so how would i change my expert proses to get the same result in unreal ?

also does any one have recommended tutorials for getting stated that are up to date?
unity was bad a bout not updating there official tutorials lol I expect epic might be better but i thought I ask

no luck I guess.
I know this should be do able
I need sleep

well i figured out how to "equip " external clothing
but how do you dis able parts ?
unity would just turn off child game objects. what does unreal do ?