Setting up Google play Services and Ads

Hey Unreal-Community,
I have nearly finished my Mobile Game and I just need to set up Google play services and ads right now.
But I am not able to get any of them. I watched tons of tutorials and read in forums, but when I play the Game via apk or download it via google play store, there is nothing.
It’s an Endless-Runner Game and I want to set up Leaderboards with longest Run etc. and add an Ad-banner only in Start Menu on the Bottom, and also Reward video inside the Endless-Runner Level.

  • I have an Google Developer Account.

  • I have an Ad Mob account.

  • I linked the app with play services.

  • I have got Tags for manifest and extra permissions:

  • I filled Distribution Signing and put the keystore file in “E:\Unreal Projects\ParkourS\Build\Android”

  • The google play services Sections looks like this…
    (blacked out my input fields, because I dont know if anyone can do anything with this informations…)

And I am exporting as shipping as ETC1.

I hope anyone can help me with this, because I am trying since a Week now and it is drinving me crazy.
I watched all the tutorials as example the 1h stream from unreal. Did the same as them but it doesn’t work.

BTW: I already fully published the app, it also does not work when I download it from play store does not matter with which account.

Sorry for the little bump… but cant anyone help me with this?


Did you test with another package ? Like ASTC ? Maybe your phone can’t run ECT1 ? I’m not sure and I don’t have any problem with ETC1 on my phone ( running 8.1.0 android)

Or maybe the SDK files will be updated ?

hey thank you for the response. I dont really know what I messed up there, but I just created a whole new release and using a plugin for the ads and it is working now.

Which plugin?