Setting up for Android Development.

I’m totally new to mobile development and I was going through the setup steps from the UE4 site. It asks me to install the AndroidWorks-1R1-windows.exe setup. When I go through it there was an issue trying to install the Nsight Tegra, Visual Studio Edition package.

I assumed this is because I do not have Visual Studio installed based on the error. I downloaded Visual Studio 2015 Community (supposedly the full version) however once done when I went through the downloading and installing of all the packages in Androidworks it failed on the Nsight package saying I needed a full version of VS 2010, 2012 or 2013 instead of an express version?

Has anyone run into this or have any suggestion on how to fix this? Do I need to uninstall 2015 and download 2013 instead?

Hi Whiplash7,

AndroidWorks-1R1 does not support Visual Studio 2015. If you don’t need to do debugging in Visual Studio, you can just uncheck installing Nsight.