Setting Up Flurry Analytics - Having trouble

I’ve been having trouble setting up the flurry analytics software and was hoping somebody could let me know what I’m doing wrong - I have asked the same question over on answer hub. All of the following steps are being done on a Macbook.

  1. I have created a new project to test the plugin with (I have used one of the examples)
  2. I have launched the example on iOS where it runs as intended
  3. I have ticked two plugins on the Analytics Tab, iOS Flurry Analytics provider and Analytics Library. Restarting UE4
  4. I have added [Analytics] ProviderModuleName = Flurry FlurryApiKey=MYAPIKEY to the top of my DefaultEngine.ini
  5. I have installed the Flurry iOS SDK into the xcode project using the cocoapods by following the guide flurry provided
  6. I now attempt to build the game and receive the following error:

“clang: error: no such file or directory: ‘/Users/Shared/UnrealEngine/4.10/Engine/Plugins/Runtime/Analytics/Flurry/IOSFlurry/Binaries/IOS/NotForLicensees/UE4-IOSFlurry.a’”

Im not sure what step I’ve missed but from the error it looks like its something to do with missing binaries in the Plugin folders in the engine? Does anybody have any suggestions?



AFAIK, you need to use the GitHub version to link additional plugins since iOS only supports statically linked libraries, so those need to be compiled in.

@manoelneto - Any further help you can provide or a step-by-step guide? I still can’t believe there’s no official documentation on this, it’s ridiculous.

I’m going to try as you mentioned and use the GitHub version I’m just installing it all to my Mac now. Are there any other steps I will need to follow or will it simply “work” when using the GitHub version?


quick update, I got the source engine working and when i tried to open the game i got a pop up saying something along the line of “I require the flurry plugin to run this”. I will start a brand new project tomorrow and try and enable it from there but I still feel I’m missing a step.

Another Update

I have now successfully built the Source Engine, Created a new project and built it to an iPad with the plugins ticked! Great news! Sadly flurry is still receiving no data with the blueprint start session node returning False. Im going to fiddle with it more and will update.

Has anyone else got this far or experienced a fix for this?

points over to this thread >> Flurry Documentation - Sentences aren't even finished? - Feedback & Requests - Epic Developer Community Forums

Hope this helps you get Flurry working!