Setting up FBX with multiple meshes

I am working with a group of guys on a very small project to see how we like using Unreal instead of something like Unity. So to figure it out we are going through a very small project to get an idea of the pipeline and what not.

Currently we are stuck on something that we feel should work better, but is not. So we have a car model, and inside of that model is multiple meshes (different rims, the body pieces, the glass windshield, etc.). However it seems like our only options are to bring in the entire fbx as a combined mesh - which makes it impossible to hide and modify certain meshes - or bring it in as dozens of separate meshes so we can modify them. Is this how it is supposed to work?

Also, is there no way for the hierarchy that the 3D artist setup in Maya to show inside of Unreal? Because it is kind of tedious that they have a nice clean hierarchy organized and grouped by parts, but once in Unreal it is all “polysurface4694”.

Any help/tips/pointers would be appreciated. Thanks.