Setting up FBX vehicle from Blender into Unreal 5. Wheels go through floor, no movement

I’ve spent about a week now trying to get this to work. I’ve tried different meshes (different FBX files) I have the scaling in 0.01 and in UE, the Z is up and X is forward on all of my wheel bones. In-game/simulation, the wheels do turn left and right correctly, but they aren’t colliding with the ground and don’t spin when the accelerator is pressed.

I am completely stumped here as I have read/watched every tutorial on YouTube and Google’d for fixes on this issue and have tried them all. Everything seems to be in order, yet the problem persists.

Any insight would be much appreciated! I have provided screenshots below:

An image of the problem in-game:

Orientation of the wheels:

Physics Asset:

Chaos Blueprint:

Front Wheel Blueprint:

Rear Wheel Blueprint:

In Blender, The body mesh is the parent of the wheels and same with the bones. Scaling is set to Metric and 0.01. Car is aligned on and pointing in X+ direction. I even tried the Maya fix someone posted and roated the body bone 90 degrees, applied rotation, rotated back, and that didn’t work either.