Setting Up Custom Weapon in ShooterGame Example

Hey guys, I am trying to import a custom weapon from the marketplace to the ShooterGame example. Everything is running fine so far, I just have a little problem with the weapon position in first person mode. Traces are done at the crosshair position which is fine, but this is conflicting with the ironsights of the weapon, because the crosshair is slightly above the ironsights.

Is there an easy way to edit the first person weapon position, so the position of the ironsight is at the crosshair position?
Sadly there are no transform parameters for the first person mesh.

I would be super glad if someone can help me.
Have a nice day.

There is a right hand socket, if I move it to fit for this gun, the other gun’s position wouldn’t fit with the crosshair anymore.

If im not mistaken is the gun not attached to a socket?

Just move the socket in the skeletal mesh editor. Or create a socketon handR

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Thats part of game development, you need to make all your weapons have the same pivot point to fit the socket the “right” way".

U need to move the gun (mesh) in your 3d editor (maya or other) an re-import it until is maching with the ironsight.