Setting up "CameraSystem" marketplace item with widgets

Hello everyone, this is a tutorial for my marketplace item.

I would have done this in a PDF but that turned out to be more difficult that I would imagine :slight_smile:

This tutorial will give you a guideline on setting the cameras to render to a widget.

To setup lets start with the material
-duplicate the “screen” material
-inside, connected to “basecolor” is a lerp node, connected to “A” input of that is another lerp. keep this one in mind and delete all nodes after that (that’s the LCD effect which we wont need)
-change the material domain to “user interface” and plug the remaining lerp into base color
See screenshot 1

Now the blueprint
-duplicate the “CameraSystem” blueprint
-Recreate sceenshot 2 inside the event graph

-Delete everything inside construction script

-Delete the assets inside the viewport

Last thing to do it telling the cameras to work with our new BP
-Inside camera 1,Create a sequence after “Begin Play” copy and past the entire event graph and connect it to the sequence
-Working with the pasted nodes, in side “get all actors of class”, change “actor class” to be the “cameraSystem” BP we duplicated
-Note, you will have to reset up all the variables after the forloop, so basically delete and re-get them.
-This is how the set up needs to work, so now you can clean it up abit such as deleting the second “destroy actor” node or even not using the sequence and somehow connect everything to one flow.

  • Do the same for camera 2

Thank you all and enjoy the assets :slight_smile: