Setting up BP for Mesh following Camera

I have a TPP-FPS BP which contains

1. Camera

2. Skeletal Mesh

3. Mesh A

4. Mesh B

When Moving , Mesh A and Mesh B tends to rotate with respect to Camera Gaze , but same is not true when Standing Idle !

How do i setup such logic so that even when standing , Mesh A and Mesh B maintains their respective distance from Camera but Set their Location relative to Camera Gaze!

Any help is appreciated!

EDIT : Adding Mesh A and B as Children of Camera Component will not solve my purpose as then Camera will not be able to Look at Mesh A and B and I want to set that functionality !

Are your Meshes children of the Camera Component?

on adding Meshes as children of Camera Component , it solves the purpose but , then my camera is not able to look at the Mesh A(above) as mesh is above the camera level . thus , not a workable solution for me !

Current Hierarchy!

Yeah Im not entirely sure what youre trying to accomplish, sorry.

I am working on a VR setup in which player has 2 controls , Mesh A as Run-Stop Toggle Switch and Mesh B as Jump Switch .

Gazing a Mesh A will toggle Player Motion . and Mesh B will make Player Jump.

while standing if i rotate Camera , Mesh A and B both are not following Camera , but when Player is moving , Both Mesh A and B are following Camera Rotation.

I want to setup a logic so that upon standing , on rotating camera , Mesh A and B still follows Camera Rotation .

Making Both Mesh as Children of Camera Component will let them follow Camera Rotation but then Camera can’t Gaze on them as their relative distance with Camera will become constant.!!

Video explaining Problem

You need your meshes to follow the camera’s yaw (Z).

Make a new scene component, add both of your meshes as child and on event tick copy over the cameras yaw to this scene component.

PS: This type of movement and jumping in VR is a huge amplifier of simulation sickness. I would advise against having any type of ingame walking (aka the player moving in real world space translated in game → Good. The player character moving in the virtual world → Bad.).

Automated movement is even worse. Most games fix this by teleportation which is instantaneous and does not create the same type of issue. Looks worse but is a lot more user friendly.

Yeah I understand abit more now, its a fair bit more complex than I had originally thought. You collision components rotation should match that of your camera on just the yaw, Im not sure why its not working while standing still, its possible you copied something from another game template as it works in mine based off BP FPS.