Setting up and making private Mod

Hey, i’m sorry i’m a bit of a noob with the Dev Kit.

I’ve been following some guides, but i’ve seen two different methods, and i’m confused which one I should follow or is better.

One was to download the ARK Dev Kit through Steam, the other was Unreal Engine, download ARK Dev Kit through that and then some Github stuff. I got confused which one to use.

Anyway, I downloaded the unreal engine yesterday, then i clicked on ARK within it and downloaded the ARK Dev Kit. It was version 220.1 I think. But, then when I was trying to follow the GitHub process (I don’t understand what the GitHub bit is) I found the download here: (if this is the ARK Dev Kit, then what did I download already within Unreal Engine?).

Anyway, when I clicked on download I got the Zip file, and the video guides i’ve watched state to unzip the content to the steamapps/common/ARK Dev Kit folder, but I don’t have an ARK Dev Kit folder within the /common/ folder, I just have the /ARK/ folder? What’s gone wrong here?

And one last question, I want to create some mods for my own personal use, not for others to use. Do I still need to upload these to Steam? And if so, can they be restricted/hidden from other Steam users?

Thanks for any help and sorry for being a noob.

Epic Games Launcher only for the DevKit.

Don’t worry about GitHub, that’s only needed when doing a manual update(they’re released here ahead of whenever Epic authorises the update on their launcher).

The steam workshop provides Public, Friends and Hidden as options for visibility of items.


Thank you, i’ve got the ARK Dev Kit running now.

I got a quick question, honestly i’ve got a huge steep learning curve in front of me. So I may be trying to do something i can’t actually do.

I just downloaded this:
What I wanted to try is to create a map in the ARK Dev Kit using this environment.
Is this possible? Am I on the right track? I’m not sure once i’ve got it in the vault what to do with it.