Setting up a websocket server

So, in simple terms, I have a game (lets take the top-down template game) for a PC
and I want to control the character (and other things) using a mobile phone
the connection I have in mind is a web socket connection between the PC (server) and phone (client)

How can I set up a websocket server on the local instance of the game running on the PC?
I searched a bit for websocket servers on UE4, but all I can find is connections between players in a multiplayer setup, not between a local game instance of one player and other devices on that same network.

I want to expose an event (or set of events) for messages from the mobile device to the PC to handle user input.
I want to have a function to send messages from the PC to the mobile device to change the user interface on the app.
Even though the game (so far) is entirely made in blueprints, I assume that the web socket connection would be in C++ as I cannot find any resources on doing what I want to achieve.
Both the events and the ui-updates function must be available to be reacted upon and called by the blueprints.

On a side not, is there anything to keep in mind for a multiplayer online version or a multiplayer lan version with this system set up for each player?

Disclaimer… I am very new to UE4 and I have near to no C++ experience (I do understand most of it’s concepts, just not it’s syntax)

Hi, I don’t think UE has WebSocket server. There’s only a client implementation (WebSocket Client - C++ | UE4 Community Wiki). I’d like to be wrong but I think that’s the case.