Setting Up A Walkthrough

Hello there,

Planning a walkthrough arch-viz animation in UE4, but I have not used the camera functions yet. Can anyone point me to some documentation on setting up a camera and animating the path in UE4? Also, information regarding the export of frames or video from this process would be very helpful.

I have lots of experience animating cameras through scenes in 3ds Max using V-Ray and Mental Ray. Can anyone chime in on how that method compares to using UE4? It seems like UE4 would be less time-consuming. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Try that short tutorial out. It’s really straightforward an easy

Exporting comes from either the recording or movie button in matinee, you can see that here too

I do a direct record off my screen with Dxtory (video capture software) though

Great, thanks for this!