Setting up a project to my liking

Dear All,
I have some question on setting up a game to my preferences.
The game I make does not requires collision. How to disable all sort of collisions in the game, including the default player pawn’s capsule? I wish to disable those as they are not needed and would just take up processing power.
I opened a new black with mobile starting content, though I deleted some of the unnecessary assets, when making a test play I still can move around - and I do not want that. how to disable this? Or just delete the player character and use a camera instead?
Thanks in advance for the help.

You should check out tutorials related to the default pawn and default player controller. Most likely they are attached to whatever default project you opened up and are thus being used even though you deleted the map references.

When you create a blueprint with a model just select no collisions in the settings of the bp. I believe its in the physics section.

The first thing you should do is start with a completely blank project that has nothing, if you haven’t done that already.

Next, create a new player character controller and remove the capsule collision component. This is what makes the “player” collide and make contact with meshes and BSP that has collision. Obviously, remove collision from your meshes and BSP. You can remove collision from static meshes in the static mesh editor, just go to the collision menu and remove collision.

Thanks for your updates.
I did start a blank project, though with starter content.
I cannot delete the capsule collider, it is not an option for some reason. My other problem is that when I run the game I can fly around. I wish to disable that as well. How to do it? tried everything.