Setting up a laser between two changable points (Class BP)

I am currently trying to set up a basic laser beam between two emitters. I have some simple meshes as the emitter, I’ve created a simple laser beam particle effect. In the editor, I have set up a basic example where the beam uses two emitter actors as a Source and Target so that no matter where I placed them, the laser fires between them. All of that is awesome.

I want this to work within a class blueprint however. It needs to be modular, and I don’t want to have to place two emitters, the laser particle and then set up instance parameters each time.

The way I currently have it working in a not-so-optimal way is, I placed a new instance of the particle into the scene, give it two Instance Parameters: BeamSource and BeamTarget and then slot the two Emitter Actors in. When I try to do this all within a class, there is no option to choose a mesh within the blueprint class as the Instance Parameter.

Is there a solution to this? Any ideas?

Hi, I know you’re not really looking for an reply to this since it’s almost two years old. I came upon this question while searching for answers.

What I did as a workaround was to have the Source and Target exist as actors in the level off to one side, then have the enemy AI grab them and attach them to himself and his target. However, this only works when I place the enemy directly in the level, and the laser fails to show if I spawn the enemy AI from class.

Maybe you have come across a better solution, I am curious.