Setting up a laser between two changable points (Class BP)

I am currently trying to set up a basic laser beam between two emitters. I have some simple meshes as the emitter, I’ve created a simple laser beam particle effect. In the editor, I have set up a basic example where the beam uses two emitter actors as a Source and Target so that no matter where I placed them, the laser fires between them. All of that is awesome.

I want this to work within a class blueprint however. It needs to be modular, and I don’t want to have to place two emitters, the laser particle and then set up instance parameters each time.

The way I currently have it working in a not-so-optimal way is, I placed a new instance of the particle into the scene, give it two Instance Parameters: BeamSource and BeamTarget and then slot the two Emitter Actors in. When I try to do this all within a class, there is no option to choose a mesh within the blueprint class as the Instance Parameter.

Is there a solution to this? Any ideas?


There are nodes in Blueprint that allows you to set the Beam End Points and Source points for a Beam.

I’ve been doing exactly the same recently. An easier approach for you might be to use a “Particle Parameter”. Create a Beam particle and convert the ‘Distance’ to a Parameter called “Distance”. Modify that in Blueprint to alter the distance between points. Easy!