Setting up a bundle using Add-On vs Consumable


We are setting up some bundles which can be purchased from inside our game client but connected to the Epic Store.

We are looking at setting it up as a Consumable instead of an Add-On.

The main question we have is, are there any restrictions in which one we can use? My main concern is when it comes to submitting our offers for review, if there are any rules as to when you can/cannot use Consumable as an offer type for our content?

Was not able to find any information on that in the documentation.

Hi there!

We appreciate your interest in creating a bundle for your products. At this time however, this is not a currently available feature within the publishing tool. To build this out, it would need to be internally built completely. I have shared your interest in seeing this come to fruition to the appropriate team on your behalf. We always appreciate this type of feedback as we want to continue working towards improving the Epic Games Store with our partners. If you have any additional questions or need any assistance, feel free to reach back out.

So if I understand it correctly, we can use the Consumable Offer type for our bundle?

Hi again!

You’re free to set up any type of offer you’d like that you believe matches what you’re looking to set up. For consumables, you can check out our “Consumable Offers” article to see if this aligns with your goals. Do note however, that the self-publishing tool does not support bundles at this time as mentioned previously.

Please keep in mind, offers are subject to moderation to ensure that they align correctly with the overall product. If there is any issues with this you will be notified with your review notes.

Thanks for the reply.

Yeah saw that bundles are not supported via self-publishing tools.

We are handling the entire “bundle” system within our client instead. Which from my understanding is allowed.