Setting up (3) split screens with controllable vehicles for each

I try to setup a 3 split screen game with seperate cars for each screen, and different inputs for each screen. Like arrow keys for screen 1, wasd for screen 2, other keys or gamepad for screen 3.

My current setup looks like this, I got some support from IRC, but it didnt work out yet. (note that the cast doesnt throw an error, except when I try to replace vehicle movement from the gameloop).

What I basicly try to do, is replace “Vehicle Movement” with the Wheeled Vehicle Movement Component of each screen.

This fails right now for the Game Loop with the following error message:
Error This blueprint (self) is not a WheeledVehicleMovementComponent, therefore ’ Target ’ must have a connection

Heres another idea by me, in creating a variable for a player by example at the init


I do not work with vehicles but i try to pinpoint some critical places, maybe it will prove to be helpfull :slight_smile:

Vehicle Movement is inherited from the Defaults. Player 1 should have the content of player 1, but it seems it doesnt.

I just want to say, that I now found some ways to get the right behaviour that I want, but its not complete yet. it looks like this:
Thanks again, for the people in the IRC channel #unrealengine on Freenode for their help and support.

I try to use classes for each screen vehicle, It works with the first vehicle , but fails for other ones, I see vehicleblueprint_child2 is NOT receiving input. I try to activate input like this but it fails.

Some quick feedback: pls DONT answer this question anymore! I will work on a full featured answer in the near future, and post my solution. I got it now finally working exactly how I wanted it. (with a player controller, and all the fancy stuff) Thanks again for all your support (especially from IRC !)

My quick and dirty solution with an external input blueprint handler (for now child as name):

If you dont find the parts you need, just copy & paste the first approach (e.g bottom, just repeat the process)

EDIT: You actually DONT need the unposses node.