Setting the Event Begin Play to execute only on client

Hi, I’ve got a problem: when I spawn an actor with the Event Begin Play, the actor is visible to all clients. I want that the actor is visible only on the client that is spawned.

In this screen you can see what I did:

If I spawn the actor and attach it in a key press event, it works, but with the Event Begin Play, it doesn’t work. How can I make it work?

Solved. I had to use C++ to change the Owner of the actor, so I made my function that can set the Owner in the Blueprints. Anyway thanks for the help.

Setting visibility on a per client basis seems like something that many games would want.

Is there a way to hide an object, then replicate that to the other clients, and then unhide it without replication? So only the client on which it was unhidden would be able to see it?