Setting substring of input text

Hi all,

Trying to setup classic arcade top score where user types in 3 initials. I have it set to display the 3 initials no problem. I just use sub-string, and the input could be whatever length, I just show 3 characters. **What I want is to only allow 3 characters to be entered. **

I am trying to use substring again to change the input in UMG to reset itself to 3 characters whenever the input is larger than 3 characters. I have this but can’t hook it up, what can I do?

I could not find another way through UMG to limit input length. Is there a better way to do this, and if not, how do I make it that last 10 feel to connect these nodes?

Thanks for reading,

Hey all, fixed it.

So I was close, but I guess you have to pull out a getter of the text box, and then not “set” that text box as a simple var call, not Set Text where target is text render component, but use the “Set Text (Text Box)” function. Everything else is logical.

I kinda wish the contextual dialog worked better, I would have found this solution earlier, but I was able to stumble upon it. Hope this helps others.

~ Moojamboo