Setting Spring Arm Absolute Rotation

Okay so i have a character and they have two camera on them. Both of witch are connected to the character with a spring arm. The spring arm has been to absolute rotation to create a camera orbit effect. When i press a button i can switch between them. However i also want to set one of the spring arms to the other spring arms absolute rotation.

I have tried so many different methods but i feel like i’m missing something that i just can’t find in the API.

Here’s a picture of what i want to do

How can i do this. This is the current code as well


Thanks for any help given!

You can use this to get the rotation in world space:

and this to set the rotation in world space:

You can just take the rotation of one spring arm and apply it to the other.

Sidenote: Your Images do not show in the post, just the links below work. Don’t know what went wrong there

Hello thanks!,also huh i thought images would work, but that is besides the point. So i have tried that, and so many other things, and i finally got it working. For some reason those function will always return 0 for everything, and then nothing changes.

What i got working was by taking the 180 - Controller Control rotation, and then using that value in the AddControllerYawInput function. However this also is scaled down by a inner sort of hidden variable. So i set that to 1. Over all it finally does what i wanted to and im happy!

Here’s my code if your curious!