Setting "Spawn player at" to "current camera location" doesn't do anything

I made a new project with the C++ first person template. After setting spawn player in to current camera location in the little drop down next to the play button, there’s no effect. Regardless of the setting, clicking play spawns the player at the default spawn point. This is a fresh install of 4.9.2

Hello enolan,

If you remove the character that is already placed in your level, you’ll be able to spawn at the current camera location. The reason for the behavior you were experiencing is because “spawning” was actually just possessing the character that was already placed in the level.

Have a great day,

Sean Flint


I’m playing at ContentExamples project and i break the Posses on level start but only got a flying camera.

Is there any way to actually get the Player Character spawned at the camera position ?

If you’re right, it seems to me Epic should remove the character that’s already in the level. Having the spawn player at current camera location not work is confusing at best.

On the basic templates, there is usually a Player Start actor in the level. This also overrides the option to spawn the player at the current camera location. Having the player start causes the player to spawn at that location each time you PIE. This is, however, just the default setup in the templates as they are meant more as a reference for those who are looking to create a similar setup in their game.